Pianist Young-Ah Tak

Press Quotes

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"Just a few moments into Young-Ah Tak’s New York debut recital, one realized that something special was happening; we were in the presence of an extraordinary pianist. After prolonged and well-deserved applause, Ms. Tak’s encore was a mesmerizing performance of Schubert’s Impromptu, Op. 90, No. 3. This was a recital I will long remember."  [New York Concert Review Click for full article]

— Harry Saltzman, New York Concert Review

“We heard music of the utmost delicacy alternating with massive statements, all of which was compelling, stimulating and touching."  [New York Concert Review Click for full article]

— Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"She naturally possesses a high-gloss polish; what is most striking, though, is her winning combination of passion, imagination, and integrity."  [New York Concert Review Click for full article]

— Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review

"… a thrilling blend of fury and finesse."  [New York Concert Review Click for full article in PDF]

— San Antonio Express-News

“…impeccable”, “…the power and passion combined in hair-raising fashion.”  [New York Concert Review Click for full article]

— The Ledger

"Young-Ah Tak ventured into the 20th century with a twelve-tone work by fellow Korean, Isang Yun. She turned his cerebral puzzler into a crowd pleaser, displaying the same pianistic virtues she brought to her account of a Haydn Sonata: perfect timing, glowing sound, and a knack for highlighting detail without losing sight of the music's architecture."

— The Times-Picayune, New Orleans

"... played with the utter assurance and conviction."  [MusicWeb International Click for full article]

— Glyn Pursglove, MusicWeb International

"Pure Colors: Music by Judith Lang Zaimont The most convincing piece of the CD is the mysterious Wizards – Three Magic Masters (2003), in which Zaimont’s ideas are most cogently and completely expressed in rich harmonies and crystalline rhythms; pianist Young-Ah Tak renders this ornate piano study with drama and flair. Albany’s recording is exceptionally clear and focused, so everything sounds wonderfully realistic and resonant. "  [All Music Guide Review Click for full article]

— Blair Sanderson, All Music Guide Review

"The Rachmaninoff [Concerto #2] received a persuasive performance from Ms. Tak. Starting with the famous succession of gradually louder chords in the first movement, she immediately established complete authority over her instrument. The final movement swept the audience along a path of emotional highs and lows, highlighting the brilliance of the soloist and the reliable support of the orchestra. The exhilarating ending brought the audience to its feet with an ovation for both soloist and orchestra."  [MusicWeb International Click for full article]

— The Roanoke Times

"Pianist Young-Ah Tak has amassed quite a track record of chamber, concerto, solo and teaching experiences, not to mention her training at the Juilliard School, New England Conservatory and Peabody Institute. She’s certainly a polished and serious-minded pianist. This disc’s finest moments ought to make a persuasive calling card on Tak’s behalf."


“…it was as if the performance by Young-Ah Tak contained every element of Western music in an optimal condition.”

— International Piano, Korea